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Health and Safety issues are increasingly important in schools as the equipment and technology required to deliver education get ever more complex. New equipment and technology can produce obvious safety problems such safe use of VDU’s and strict regulations regarding the use of electrical appliances. Perhaps a less obvious problem is the increase in classroom temperatures which often arise with the use of new technology.

In this section of the website we have created links to various documents  which give advice and guidance on health and safety in school, including the new concerns (highlighted by a recent case in Derby) about the legacy of  using asbestos in many schools built after World War Two.


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Latest Health and Safety Bulletin

Includes helpful information on the following...

NUT-H&S Brief-High-Temperatures.docAsbestos - lessons  from a Derby schoolSAFETY_IN_PRACTICAL_LESSONS_2006.doch-s-reps-bulletin-summer-2015_0.pdfHeating in schoolsheating.pdfwp64de7ffa.pngasbestos-lessons-to-be-learned-july-07.docSchool fire risk assessmentsFire Risk assessment for schools.pdf