Nottinghamshire NUT Section

Notts NEU (NUT Section) has successfully negotiated many agreements with the local authority over a number of years. These agreements cover issues such as maternity provision, the grievance and disciplinary procedures, and Educational Visits. You will find Health and Safety in its own section of the site. If there is an agreement or policy not here please contact us via the phone or email. Click on the relevant icon below to access a word or pdf file of the agreement you are interested in.

Maternity Grievance procedure Educational Visits Harassment Complaints Staffing Reductions Absence Leave Personal Records Capability Procedure Paternity Pensions & retirement Parental Leave Flexible working Fixed-term Contracts Records Job Sharing Absence Monitoring maternity-leave-and-provisions-for-school-staff-april-2015.doc grievance-procedure-for-schools-november-2015.docx attendance-management-procedure-revised-2015.doc reductions-in-staffing-for-school-staff-april-2015.doc disciplinary-capability-procedure.doc Personnel records.doc Annual leave and leave of absence October 14.doc doc-21-parental-leave-policy-updated-september-2015.docx flexible-and-phased-retirement-policy.doc paternity-provisions-for-staff-in-schools-april-2015.doc flexible-working-policy.doc fixed-term-contracts-guidance.doc job-sharing-procedure.doc Agency worker regs Whistle Blowing FOI  requests whistleblowing-and-confidential-reporting-policy.doc freedom-of-information-foi-guidance-for-schools.doc Agency Workers Regulations - Schools Briefing.doc Disciplinary Procedure disciplinary-procedure-for-school-staff.doc