Nottinghamshire NUT Section

The policies on this page are those developed locally and nationally by the NUT related to many issues on classroom practice as well as pay and conditions. These policies remain guides to action to achieve improvements in schools. To gain a copy of a policy or guideline for reps and members click on the appropriate box below. Remember you can always call the Union if you need further assistance or clarification.

As the NEU develops and progresses, these policies will be updated and re-branded.


Appraisal and Observations

Schools in a category

Workload and Mental Health

Ofsted Myths

Sick pay guidance for teachers

Pay Appeal Advice

Academies and pupil progress and attainment

E-Safety in Schools

Model agreement for academies

Pupil Behaviour

The Teachers Pensions Scheme

Absence Guidance

Baseline Assessment


Appraisal guidance for school reps

Observation advice for reps/members

Model policy  on Appraisal

Fair apprasal for teachers leaflet

guidance-for-school-reps-appraisal_acb.doc classroom-observation-guidance-May 2012.doc nut-model-policy-appraisal--may-2012-_sl.doc Fair appraisal for teachers.pdf

Model Capability Procedure

nut-model-capability-procedure-2015-default-model_0.doc Edufacts-Appraisal-Classroom-Observation.doc WORKING-IN-SPECIAL-MEASURES-ADVICE-0910_KDR.doc edufacts-academy-status-pupil-attainment-jan-2016.doc EduFact-workload.doc introduction-to-the-teachers-pension-scheme-apr2014.doc ABSENCE-MONITORING-Guidance-for-Members.doc sick-pay-nut-guidance.doc Advice on Pupil Behaviour.doc e-safety-protecting-schl-staff-guidance-for-members.doc pr119-2015-baseline-assessment.doc 2015 TUC Model agreement on academies.pdf NUT TOOLKIT - Guidance on Pay Appeals - Sept 2015.docx

The Rules  of Nottinghamshire Assocation of Teachers

The financial regulations of Nottinghamshire Assocation of Teachers

2012 Policy on financial mismanagment in Notts Division NUT

Draft Rules  and Standing Orders of the Nottinghamshire Association of Teachers - pending final AGM approval.docx Nottinghamshire Division Council Financial Regulations.docx Nottinghamshire NUT policy on finance mismanagement - agreed December 6 2012.pdf