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On Saturday, November 5th the NUT and ATL conferences agreed to ballot members on the setting up of a new Union. Nottinghamshire NUT delegates to the conference voted in favour of the motion to create the merged union. The first of our two amendments to the merger motion was agreed by conference, one of only two amendments passed by delegates.

The full wording of the motion passed can be seen below. We will be encouraging members to vote yes in the merger ballot in 2017.

“Conference welcomes the progress made in negotiations between the ATL and NUT on an amalgamation of our two unions to form a new union.

Conference endorses the rules for the new union, the instrument of amalgamation and the transitional rules attached to this motion, subject to members subsequently voting in favour of the amalgamation.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive to proceed to ballot members in spring 2017 on the formation of a new union with a recommendation to vote in favour of the proposal.

Conference believes that the creation of a new education union will break the log-jam on Professional Unity that has blighted out profession for too long, allowed successive governments to divide us and diverted energy and resources into competitive recruitment ballots.

Conference believes that the move towards a new union will be welcomed by teachers, and the wider trade union movement, as a significant step towards our aim of one union for all teachers.

Conference further believes that the new union should, in principle, be ready to open talks with other teacher unions about developing this project further.

Conference calls on the Executive to approach the ATL to seek agreement to add the following to section 1 Disciplinary Offences of Appendix A of the proposed new rules.

1.2 It is expressly provided that the following may not be the subject of disciplinary action.

a)  opinions expressed by members on matters of union policy and management.

b) statements or actions of members in the course of representation of members’ interests otherwise upon a complaint endorsed by a local branch that the statements or actions may be seen to bring the Union into disrepute.”

The NUT and ATL agree to  ballot members on merger

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