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Please vote yes in the current ballot for strike action to defend our national terms and conditions. Whether you are in an academy or a Local Authority maintained school your terms and conditions are threatened by the Government’s aim, one way or another, to make all schools academies over the next few years. We need to ensure that every teacher in the land is employed under the same terms and conditions. Otherwise, as we have seen in the FE sector, pay, conditions and work/life balance will worsen year on year for us all.

If you want a reminder of what is threatened by the ending of the provisions of the Blue Book and Burgundy Book, here is a list to remind you:

If you think this is scaremongering, consider what is already happening in our schools on pay and appraisal where increasingly teachers are no longer receiving automatic annual pay progression. Meanwhile, the salaries of Executive Heads and Chief Executives of Academy Chains and Multi-Academy Trusts are going through the roof.

One academy in Manchester has already written to staff saying, “we will honour national terms and conditions while they exist.” There could be no clearer indication where the Government intends this to go.

So use your vote, and vote YES  TO STRIKE ACTION!

Please vote YES in the strike ballot to defend national terms and conditions

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Vote YES to strike action! Vote YES to strike action! Vote YES to strike action!