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An NUT survey has revealed that, even in the first year of operation, it looks like PRP has seen many teachers denied pay progression. This is worse than many local officers expected and shows that the decline in living standards for teachers could be very serious indeed as a result of PRP.

5,000 teachers responded to the survey. A summary of the results are as follows:-

Among those eligible for progression:

Among those turned down for progression:

These results are worrying on lots of levels. There are clear equal opportunities concerns here with primary teachers and ethnic minority teachers seemingly less likely to progress than others. On a wider level it is extremely concerning that most teachers feel disinclined to appeal against an adverse pay decision.

School meetings have taken place in relatively few schools where pay decisions seemed to have a negative impact on an entire staff and so far there has been no requests in Nottinghamshire for strike ballots.

The implication of the above is serious for teachers pay in the future. Our pay has already suffered a relative decline  in the order of 20% since 2010, mostly as a result of successive pay freezes imposed by the current Government.

Now we have the prospect of even steeper declines in teacher pay caused by the removal of automatic pay progression on the Main Pay Range (MPR) and greater stringency in relation to the Upper Pay Range (UPR).

At the most recent National Executive (NEC) meeting no plans were drawn up for the agreed strike action before the General Election, though this will be discussed again at the February NEC.

As well as pressuring the political parties on matters of education, the Union must demand that PRP is abolished and national pay scales reinstated.

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