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Members will shortly receive a ballot survey to continue the current action on pay. The Stand Up for Education Campaign was successful in removing Michael Gove from office shortly after our strike on July 10.

There is, however, plenty more that needs to be done if we are to turn the removal of Gove into some real gains for teachers and educaion.

As a start we believe members should complete the survey as soon as possible and support the Union’s continuing campaign on pay pensions and education by voting YES YES to the two questions on the survey form.

In schools we are facing the misuse of Performance Related Pay and reps and members need to be aware of of their rights and expectations for annual pray progression.  We have organised a reps training at the Mogul E Azam on October 23. An application form can be found here and we urge reps to attend.

On the same day and at the same restaurant there is the NQT meal. Please encourage NQTs,Teach First and any new teacher to join us for this free occasion. We welcome reps too. The flyer for the NQT meal can be found here.

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