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The NUT national strike action on March 26 was a tremendous success. Members responded with great enthusiasm to the call for action. At the rally in Nottingham Market Square, speaker after speaker attacked the Government’s education policies with Michael Gove identified as the chief villain.

Now Annual Conference will consider an emergency motion to consider the next steps in our action to defend pay, pensions, conditions and the education service we all work in.

The Union must step up the campaign to stop this attack not just for ourselves but for the future living standards of all teachers and the quality of education for all students.

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Annual Conference 2014

NUT Conference meets in Brighton over the Easter weekend. There are many motions on the agenda that directly address the concerns of members.

Clearly, as mentioned above, the pay and conditions debate will be very important in deciding the action strategy of the Union over the summer term and beyond.

However there will also be big debates about the misuse of capability, the crazy world of target setting, the obsession with exam date, the nature of the curriculum and much more.

A motion supported by Notts Division will discuss the duty of care the Union owes to lay officers of the Union - those that represent you on a day to day basis. As you may know, some officers of the NUT in Notts have been subject to numerous disciplinary complaints for raising concerns about finances in Notts NUT. The time spent responding to these complaints is time not spent serving the interests of members

The CO letters identified above give the opportunity for the National Union to resolve this matter on just terms in the interests of all members and activists.

A Union fit for purpose

Teachers face many challenges and the Union must now stand up to the plate and help teachers defend their professionalism, protect their pay and ensure the future of free comprehensive education on the model so successful in Finland.

Recently we have seen how E Act, an organisation already in the dock for possible fraudulent financial practices, has lost control of a third of its schools, including the Sherwood E Act Academy in Gedling. Now we have the Nottingham Free School opening at the Courtaulds Factory shop in Sherwood. Unless the Union acts to defend an accountable education service, democratically controlled by the community, we will end up with a chaotic, unprofessionally run education system. This would be a disaster for future generations of students.

The late Bob Crowe showed us exactly how a trade union should be led. For details of your next association members meeting see the adjacent panel. Hope to see you there.


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April 14th 2014

The Certification Office has written to the Union about Notts finances. Click  HERE to read the letters.

Strike success on March 26
Conference to decide next step!