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At the NUT Annual Conference delegates voted to give our National Executive the flexibility to decide how to respond to the education policies of the new Government. Three card votes were taken at the Conference on proposals from local associations, including Central and South Notts, to prepare a calendar of action should the Government fail to make concessions on our demands on pay and workload.

In the event those card votes were narrowly defeated. Nevertheless, there is plenty of work for us to be doing at local level. Given that both major political parties are committed to further austerity, and neither support the NUT’s opposition to the academies programme, we will have to step up our campaigning activities in the near future.

In Notts the NUT is committed to defending the education service, and in particular the interests of NUT members, who, our casework records tell us, are facing work pressures on a scale never seen before. Add to this the threat of capability procedures and the data driven culture that means we teach to the test or lose pay progression, and teachers have every reason to expect a determined response from their Union.

On a very positive note Annual Conference voted in favour of a ballot to boycott baseline assessment for 4 year olds. The next meeting of the National Executive will consider how to implement that decision. Both Central and South Notts support such a ballot and we will be encouraging our members to VOTE YES when the ballot begins.

A full report of the Conference will be produced in the near future and all the motions agreed at Conference will be forwarded to members soon. There are difficult times ahead but Notts NUT is now in a good position to continue providing the support necessary for members in schools.

At our recent Annual General Meeting, the Nottinghamshire Division Council agreed to lower the local union subscription rate from 23% of the national subscription to 18%, so as of next year members in Notts will be charged less for the work that we do on your behalf. Full details of this decision and other information regarding how we intend to manage your subscriptions in your interests can be found in the 2015 Financial report HERE.

A number of other recommendations were made in the Annual Report of Nottinghamshire NUT, and the full report can be found HERE. We urge you to read both reports and become more involved in the running of your union.

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The day will focus on PRP, Health and Safety issues, building supportive school NUT groups and advice on pensions.

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